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BREAKBEAT LOU (Ultimate Breaks & Beats, New York)
Luis Flores, better known as BreakBeat Lou, is a staple and legend in the music / entertainment industry. Starting as disc jockey in 1974 he turned professional and also began his production career in 1981, Louis is one of the few that can make the statement that they have had over 20 years of success in the industry.

He has worked in every facet of the industry, recognized for creating The Ultimate Breaks and Beats Compilation with the late Leonard “BreakBeat Lenny” Roberts, this legendary series has been sampled by many of hip-hop’s elite producers like DJ Premier, Large Professor, The Bomb Squad, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre and Marley Marl. The series has been Instrumental in the production of countless classic recordings over the years. His work with UBB became the blueprint for sampled music and remains highly influential to this day. Contemporary producers such as J Dilla, Salaam Remi and Just Blaze to name a few, continue to depend on the compilation. The Drum & Bass style is a direct descendent of the Ultimate Breaks and Beats collection as its core elements were used directly from the series.

Luis went on to start the original Beat Junky Productions alongside the world renown editor / producer Late Jose Chep Nunez where they worked with 2 in a Room, Tim Dog, Ultramagnetic MCs, the late Scott LaRock, the late Paul C, just to name a few. We are beyond excited to have Lou back to kick off our stay at East Room!